Jane Sings, Knits, and Converses!

Welcome to my web site! I am happy to get to share my music with you, and hope you will enjoy it.

I'm a hippie, was a folk singer in the sixties, and now I'm back in the new millennium writing songs and making music. My music reflects my life, my community, and the joys, sorrows, passions, anger, and hope that a long life brings. I live in the lefty community of Takoma Park, Maryland and my usual venue is my front porch. Check the Schedule page if you would like to see me perform live with mics and amps
and all that.

What inspires my music? In 1969 I came to Washington, D.C. for the Vietnam Moratorium. I realized that day that despite my commitment to Peace I was not sure what it felt like. I began a search to experience Peace in my own life. Right now in my life, I feel Peace in music, in the honest expression of what I am feeling. My songs reflect that. So Peace for me includes both light and dark, love and hate, forgiveness and anger.

Enough explanation. 
Just listen to the music!

You can hear previews of my songs at
www.CDBaby.com/janehurst, and buy a copy of the album (see link below). 
Of course, you can get a copy from me, too, next time I'm performing around town or on my porch.  See you soon!

Peace and Love
To each and every one of you,



My new CD is called
"Now or Never."
Check the "Lyrics" page for the words. You can download the title track for free as an MP3 at

I hope this music
brings you joy!

Just click here for samples of the songs on my CD, or to buy a copy. Let me know how you like it by leaving feedback at CD Baby or sending me an email at JaneSings@aol.com.

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